Travel health
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Health info & vaccination made easy

1 Traveling abroad from the U.S.? Once your trip is booked, let’s get you ready for healthier travel

2 Chat with Elle about your trip to receive personalized health tips and a vaccine recommendation.

3 Schedule a pre-travel consultation with a provider at clinic near you

Let us guide you to healthy travel

Discuss your travel plans with Elle, our expert chatbot, to receive trusted travel health information and a free personalized immunization recommendation. Elle will then send you a detailed summary of your conversation and links to up-to-date resources.

Elle will also help you schedule a pre-travel consultation at a clinic near you. During the consultation, a provider will assess your travel health needs and provide a personalized prevention plan. Along with the vaccines and prescriptions you may need, they can offer you information and advice to help you stay healthy while traveling.

We’re making healthy travel easier

Now, everything you need to know about staying healthy while traveling starts here. Health and Travel is designed to make your travel health process hassle-free.