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Health and Travel is here to prepare travelers with the resources they need to stay healthy on their trip. We provide travelers with personalized health advice and vaccine recommendations, plus help scheduling a pretravel consultation with a travel medicine specialist.
“Travel medicine specialists are experts in the risks and implications of traveling, as well as the methods of managing those risks. They provide travelers with a pretravel consultation, the goal of which is to: 1. Perform an individual risk assessment. 2. Communicate anticipated health risks to the traveler. 3. Provide risk management measures, like immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, and other medications.”
Any traveler can benefit from a consultation with a travel medicine specialist, but it especially important for people with a complicated health history, special risks (such as traveling at high altitudes or working in refugee camps), or exotic or complicated itineraries.
All of the information and advice we provide is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We actively monitor the CDC for changes to their travel health guidelines and update our virtual consultation experience (a.k.a. Elle) accordingly. Lynne Bunnell, RN was our educated sounding board for the development of Elle. Lynne has over 30 years of experience in the field of travel medicine.
Health and Travel is a free service to help you understand the potential risks of traveling and get connected to a travel medicine specialist for a pretravel consultation. You pay us nothing! The cost of the consultation and any vaccines and medications varies depending on the location and individual insurance.
In general, pretravel consultation and immunization are not usually convered by most insurance plans. Each insurance company (commercial and government) creates its own criteria for coverage of vaccinations, you may need to work with your healthcare provider and your insurance company to obtain coverage of the vaccines.

You can chat with Elle to receive your vaccination recommendation and schedule an appointment at a nearby CVS MinuteClinic location. If you get an email summary, Elle includes a link to the International Society of Travel Medicine clinic directory. Going to an ISTM clinic is advised if you need a vaccine like yellow fever, cholera, or japanese encephalitis, or if your trip or health considerations are particularly complex.

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We’re always happy to answer a question and help out.